Rhythm As Necessity (2011)

Through the ARTech Residency at the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech, Jade Simmons explored the ways rhythm is integral to music, technology and human interaction. Using Urban Remix, the university’s cutting edge sound capturing software program, participants gathered sound bites and video clips of rhythmic machinery and technology, powerful speakers, rhythmic human interaction and examples of music known mostly for its rhythmic drive. The sounds were analyzed to determine what makes them riveting and why they are effective in their purpose.

Jade explored the captured sounds and examined how they could be reproduced on standard instruments, newly created instruments, the human body and found objects with the goal of creating the same powerful rhythmic impact by means other than their original sources.

For more information, visit the Ferst Center web site: http://www.ferstcenter.gatech.edu.

Archive of sounds and images for Rhythm As Necessity:

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