Lot & Parcel (2010)

Lot and Parcel is an exhibition curated by Christa Tinsley Spaht and Susannah Darrow for BurnAway in partnership with WonderRoot that consisted of artists from all over Atlanta creating maps of neighborhoods within the city that hold individual significance for them. The mission of this project is to bridge the gap between artists and the communities where they live, work and create. Artists created 18” x 24” two-dimensional works that depicts a neighborhood within Atlanta. Mark Godfrey used the Urban Remix platform to create a 4-channel sound installation to accompany these visual pieces for the opening reception. The sounds used in this installation were all collected by Mark on typical excursions in the city. The opening reception took place on June 19, 2010 at the Artist Workspace Atlanta (AKA the Goat Farm). More info at BurnAway.

Here is a stereo mixdown of the installation:

Archive of sounds for Lot & Parcel:

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